I’m WAiTinG


Is it a yes or is it a no?
the waiting game
is one I hate

wanting to know
will this news bring joy
or a cloud of sorrow
will steal the light from my sun

Questions, questions
they are flooding my mind
understanding why
and keeping strong
it’s harder said than done

“What will be, will be”
Is what you are telling me

I can’t change a thing
but sit back and watch
how mother nature decides my fate
all the while feeling like I suffocate

Human I am
can’t help but want
to know at once

Feeling anxious

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Tied hands
shut mouth
teeth grinding
fist clenching

want to pull my hair
want to kick and yell
Unable to do what I damn well please
Feeling a bit frustrated in DEED

Dealing with factors beyond your control

Feeling flushed, heat is rising
exasperation, annoyance
anger, disappointment
building up inside me
a perfect storm stirring up
a time ticking BOOM
waiting to go off

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Before the final detonation

3 trick I practice that may help you out:

– Breathe
Before you can act out of anger count from 1 to 10
while taking a deep cleansing breath

– Get some fresh air
Step outside, walk around and reset

-Manage your expectations
a hard one I know, but so true
Do not expect people to
act in a manner that should please you.

Always remember, “People’s behavior have nothing to do with you,
so don’t take it personal.”

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Was Confucius confused or just string you along?


“Do what you love and you will never work another day”
A beautiful quote indeed; but how many people do you know that can actually
relate to this “follow your passions and money will follow philosophy”?
I bet that if I were to take a poll around my office more than 85% of the answers
will yield a disheartening negative result among my peers.

As inspiring as this quote is, I can’t help but wonder its placed between
Idealism vs realism
During Confucius’ time career choices were limited
and prosperous occupations were few and far between.
His quote was probably perfect back when he was around ; but can we still apply it’s powerful meaning nowadays?

The word ” following” by its very essence implies perseverance.
Following one’s passions is not an easy task
Dreams aren’t real
A dream with out an action plan outlining each step, it’s just the act of contemplating an idea.
Materializing an idea or a dream takes courage, hard work,
determination and time. We all know the saying ” Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

The gripping fear of the “UNKNOWN” can stop you in your tracks and deters your desires of following a dream.
Not knowing where the next paycheck will come from, can be a chilling realization.
Knowing you have a secure income every week provides a sense of security, satisfaction; a sense accomplishment if you will.
In the same breath that way of thinking can leave you gasping, searching for more room to breath. More challenges, more independence, more knowledge, more, more always more.

Can this dreadful stuck feeling be caused by the recognition that you are not in love with what you do?
on the other hand if you have the freedom to do what you love day in and day out will you come to hate it?

I am aware that the search for one’s bliss or passion or focusing too much in the “what will be” may interfere with the “NOW.”
But don’t we all need to dream? Doesn’t that provide the fuel needed to propel great ideas?

Complicated stuff, So I turned to Maslow because I needed assistance deciphering Confucius’ quote. Maslow starts his hierarchy of needs with- The physiological and safety needs, which states the obvious needs, breathing, eating, sex, etc, on the second step he digs deeper talking about our safety needs which states we all need personal and financial security to be happy, he goes on to explain the middle layers of his pyramid, the love and esteem needs and then concludes his hierarchy with – The Self-actualization need where he describes the desire to accomplish everything that one can, to become the most that one can be.

I am still very perplexed, so Mr. Maslow, we need to be all we can be while all the while staying financially sound? Not all of us get to be that lucky.

In my humble opinion, any road you decide to walk on bears a 50/50 chance of succeeding. Our job is simple, pave the road you choose with personal triumphs and failures, learn all you can from each experience and know that experiences are like fingerprints they are unique to each one of us.

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About Life

“Life is a game and my definition of a winning the hand is one’s eagerness to overcome challenges, to prove ones determination, to steer a situation in a way that will benefit you”

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NOT a Morning person! I AM NOT


The sun seeps in though the cracks
in my blinds. Sparkling, brilliant rays
dancing and leaping from the table
to the mirror, to my bed
Hunting me down
a tiny, spark always manages to find my face
a bright beam shone at me by a wicked laser pointer
I imagine hearing the SUN’s laughter
laughing; not with a joyous melodic, sweet sound
but to the contrary ; emitting a fluttery evil witch like laughter
The Sun enjoys taunting me
It’s furious rays rapidly gaining strength
commanding loud and clear
Get your Lazy ASS up

Morning struggles
a tug of war
that the Sun wins over and over
And I am not saying that I am not thankful to rise up
every morning!!
Please don’t misconstrued my words
I heart the Sun!
AHHH, we have a love/ hate
relationship, the sun and I.

The problem is I HEART my bed too!
how can I NOT?
The soothing mattress cradles
my body and the cozy, soft blankets
snug me tight,
feels so right
a blissful state that the SUN does not
Please SUN give me 5 more minutes!
Please go away, let me enjoy
my dear warm bed.

A morning person! I am NOT

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How DARE you HOPE??


News on TV: chaos, murder, rapes
Medicine updates: Rates are on rise for
depression, cancer, aids

This world is in complete and utter


I won’t agree, cannot conform
There is no way that could be the NORM

Hope is the glue that keeps the world
from falling apart.


Because without hope, there is no faith
without faith, there is no will
without will, there are no dreams
without dreams we can’t create
and without creativity we fail to dare

Dare to try
Dare to love
Dare to BE
Dare to Dare

Keep on hoping, creating, dreaming, loving
because having HOPE is of utmost importance to
ignite the the Spark of Life

Hope propels humankind toward the innovation
needed to build
A greater future for you and I.


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One more week
to become MRS
No more  jitters
or  cold feet
the day is approaching
when I’ll be his
home for two is no picnic
when the pair is a misfit
May we be blessed with
patience and respect
to live our life together
in joyful harmony!
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