“Get a ​thicker SKIN”


Does it mean to hide my pain, my suffering, the anger rushing through my veins?
to pretend the blows of your snide remarks
don’t bruise my ego and weakens my heart.

Make believe the river of tears
cascading from my eyes are tears of happiness and
not from sad strings tugging at my soul

To pretend that is fun to be knocked of balance by
the angry sigh that escapes from your insides

Get a thicker skin.. you might be right
I agree to disagree
While there is nothing wrong with being sensitive
Hippocrates said “Everything in excess is opposed to nature”

It must be maddening
to have to deal with highly sensitive beings
having to censored every word you utter
funny , witty or sarcastic all the same
It’s enough to drive anyone insane

I should be tougher and let things slide! So I apologize!

*Below find a few tips that aim to aid those with paper-thin skin like me:

1- Think before reacting
2- Look beyond your situation
3- See if you have deeper wounds
4- Remember is not your fault is the situation
5- Focus on something good about the person who is making you feel sad
6- Nurture your relationships
7- Recite positive affirmations
8- Find meaning in your life
9- Meditate- Yoga helps
10- You will always recover


About Sassy Pen

My passion is to share life experiences, some my own others borrowed, with those who take an interest in reading my stories, poems or just my words. I am in love with life. I savor every moment because I live the present; the past is yesterday and the future is uncertain. The present is the only time we have to make a difference.
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