The Narcissist (not such a bad thing after all)


Falling in love with you
didn’t happen over night
The mere thought of it
used to give me a fright

Falling in love you
was a thorn filled rose garden
it literately took all of my will & power

Vanity fumes clouded my sight
voices shouting from behind
look at those dimples in your thighs
and those greasy silver strands
All I did was criticized
the YOU in the mirror staring back

I wasted so much of my time
years and years of holding back
the brilliant light that’s in my heart
I now came to realized
how beautiful I really am

Real beauty starts inside
let yourself shine through the dark
let the walls of doubts and insecurity
fade away and start embracing who you are

In love in with me, I’ll always be
there is no one else I rather be
because I am special and unique
I only want to be ME, ME, ME…

Yes, I am the fairest of them ALL

Narcissist?? maybe
Happy?? Definitely

Not such a bad thing after all


About Sassy Pen

My passion is to share life experiences, some my own others borrowed, with those who take an interest in reading my stories, poems or just my words. I am in love with life. I savor every moment because I live the present; the past is yesterday and the future is uncertain. The present is the only time we have to make a difference.
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