Challenge Assumptions

I do not know
Why you don’t smile
I do not know
Why you look tire
Or why when I walk by you
Your eyes don’t meet mine
And your pace becomes fast
Overthinking the reasons why
You are the way that you are
May cause me to be unkind
But an important lesson I learned in life
“The struggles or burdens
That might be buried in your heart
I cannot see with the naked eye”
How you act or who you are
should not affect the person I am
So this is why, I will be kind
To you, to him, to her, to them
In the hopes that kindness aid to brighten your day
Be kind
As you have no idea how heavy
someone else’s load really is
Challenge assumptions
Be kind


About Sassy Pen

My passion is to share life experiences, some my own others borrowed, with those who take an interest in reading my stories, poems or just my words. I am in love with life. I savor every moment because I live the present; the past is yesterday and the future is uncertain. The present is the only time we have to make a difference.
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